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Competent Systems

By Linda O'Toole & Jean Gordon

Systems that are competent to nurture the holistic development of children flourish with a societal vision of childhood that encourages relationships among all areas affecting children’s lives. But how does that work in practice? Are our early childhood and school education systems designed for developing mutually supportive individual, team and institutional competences?

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Download PDF with all the articles

You can also download the PDF of each individual article. There is a download button on the page of each article.

With great sadness we inform our readers of Jean Gordon’s death on October 30, 2018. Jean was co-editor of the L4WB Magazine, a driving motivator and contributor to the Learning for Well-being Foundation, and a dear friend. Her last piece of writing is featured as article 6 of this issue.

Issue 7 of the L4WB magazine, dedicated to Jean, will be online in Fall 2019. It will consist of articles on the L4WB principles as they relate to the ACT2gether initiative, a social movement that promotes and supports partnerships between children and adults in all sectors.

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