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Partnering Across Generations:

Viewpoints inspired by Learning for Well-being

By Linda O'Toole & Luís Manuel Pinto

This editorial provides an orientation to Partnering Across Generations, describing four different views on this theme and how these can be integrated by the ACT2gether initiative. We propose the L4WB principles as a meaningful and practical framework.

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Download PDF with all the viewpoints

You can also download the PDF of each individual article. There is a download button on the page of each article.

Jean Gordon (1950-2018) was co-editor of the L4WB Magazine, driving motivator and contributor to the Learning for Well-being Foundation, and a dear friend. ‘Remembering Jean’, concludes this issue of the magazine, and the authors have individually included a dedication to Jean in their viewpoints.


Jean was the director of EIESP (European Institute for Education and Social Policy for many years and joint editor of the European Journal of Education (EJE). Courtesy of Wiley Online Library, access to Jean's writings for EJE is available here. Jean also authored articles appearing in Issues 1, 5, and 6 of the L4WB Magazine.

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