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Arts Reflecting Living Systems

By Nik Dee Dahlstrom

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This viewpoint presents an experience in which the reader is asked to engage.  The author summarizes: Performing arts is a living system reflecting a living system. It is a collective process where the separate entities play their parts in order to contribute to the whole. As is the orchestra or a film-production. How then does that compare with living systems as artistic monograms presented by the single artist? Is the meeting of the creator and receiver a passive or active one or even interactive and collaboratory? And in a world of new technology; what is that artistic reflection versus reality, versus virtual reality, versus augmented reality?

We invite you to click on this pdf and enter the world of Nik Dee Dahlstrom.



Nik Dee Dahlstrom is a Youth & Child Specialist, Culture & Health Manager and Head of Communication at Initiatives of Change – Sweden, with a background as Transmedia Producer, Performing Arts Director, Pedagog, Actor and Writer.

Nik has a special interest in transmedia and the art of storytelling as means of well-being and finding one’s unique potential. This includes a special focus on Healing Stories for the little child that resides in us all, regardless of age. His main work is in Swedish and English. Nik is also Chief in Editor and member of the European Cultural Parliament (ECP).

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