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Meaning and Purpose of Music Throughout my Life

by Szymon Brzóska

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1. Music and meaning


Since I was a child, music has always surrounded me and had an extremely important meaning in my life. I started my musical education when I was seven years old, first learning piano in primary and secondary school and continuing to study composition and music theory in the conservatorium. Nineteen years of studying music helped me grow as an artist and led me to start a professional life as a composer; a life where my love for music can be fulfilled.


Apart from the professional aspect, where composing and performing music give an ultimate purpose to my life, there is another important meaning: enhancing and supporting my well-being.


There is no other world I would rather be in than in the world of sounds; I chose to be a listener in every possible moment, diving into an aesthetical and emotional space, sometimes even philosophical and transcendental. Music has a unique power to move me between those worlds.


As a composer I draw inspiration mostly from emotions, as this is how I perceive music – also as a listener – through the fascinating world of many different, contrasting feelings, powerful and unique, often very personal and quite overwhelming. And as much as this perception can be subjective, it often leads to a pure metaphysical experience. I have to say I am extremely attracted and moreover, I am addicted to that specific feeling; the very moment when while listening to music, one creates this special, unreal world, which separates us from everything else. A world where you just want to stop for a longer while, to absorb and enjoy.


This is also how I see the creative process. I experience an emotion, a feeling, a certain specific condition of mind, and I try to translate it into music. Sometimes it is an epiphany and bliss, but often a challenge. The process is never effortless really, but always, what is very important to me, the writing comes from an honest and pure place. And finally, sharing my work with an audience is perhaps the most important and rewarding experience.

2. Ultima Forsan

I would like to share with you a short piece I have composed that has a special meaning to me and expresses the quality and essence of my music.

Ultima Forsan (perhaps the last) evokes a feeling of loss or inevitable end. It is melancholic, yet it tries to express an emotion that goes beyond sadness; there’s a certain light to this music, an under-the-skin feeling of hope that eventually shines over the bourdon bass note in the very last chord of the piece.


I composed Ultima Forsan when I was about 22 years old, a time when I questioned many things and often remained uncertain about the answers. Yet this small piece became a constant reminder of the unique and important meaning of music in my life: giving me strength and purpose by continuing doing what I love and at the same developing my unique potential, as an artist and as a human being.



Polish composer Szymon Brzóska (born 1981) graduated from the Music Academy in Poznań, as well as the Royal Flemish Conservatory in Antwerp. Szymon’s particular interest in the synergy between music, contemporary dance, theatre and cinema has led him to participate in numerous collaborative projects across various art forms.               

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